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Our wide range of carpets presents a world of luxurious and wonderful solutions for your home and business. Re-style your home or business with our inspiring designs, flexible styles and opulent colours.
We will help you choose the perfect carpet tailored to your specific needs.
Get inspired while browsing through our website and find more about which carpet best suits you or alternatively visit our showroom to experience the softness and warmth of the full range of carpets available. We supply high quality brands. Explore a variety of catalogues to help you choose your perfect carpet.

Wood Floor

We are a wooden floor shop in Islington you can always count on, as we offer a wide variety of engineered and solid wood flooring. We understand the need to go natural and that forms the backbone of our quality wooden floor options.
Solid wood floors are of a natural grace, rich warmth organicity and hard wearing and can be refurbished over the years.
Engineered wood flooring is an attractive and versatile alternative to solid wood flooring. It delivers the same richness and beauty of natural hard wood flooring but with greater versatility. It is constructed with multiple layers of timber that are glued together.The planks greater stability due to the composition of layered materials.
We supply the top quality brands. Take your time to explore a variety of catalogs and visit our showroom to help you select the perfect wood floor solution.

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Vinyl & Hard Floor

Vinyl is the ideal low maintenance finish that matches your home and business and quickly blends your interior design options without compromising on quality. We offer a broad range of exciting vinyl collections, including realistic finishes of wood, mosaic, and tile to achieve a modern, sleek and impeccable style.
Our quality and luxury vinyl floor finish and vinyl plank flooring give your space entirely new creativity and sparkle.
We supply high-quality brands. Explore the variety of catalogs and examples and visit our showroom to help you make an ideal choice for your vinyl floor solution.

Rugs and Mats

At Upper Street Carpet and Flooring in Islington you can design your very own rugs. All our carpets can be customized to rugs according to your design requirements.
With a huge variety of colors, textures and designs you can create a rug that defines your personality while adding softness to your floors.
Explore the variety of catalogs and examples and visit us in the showroom to help you customize your perfect rugsthat provides your feet with adequate insulation from cold floors while offering overall warmth in your space.

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